Jan Shriner

for Marina Coast Water District Board

My campaign is now in full swing!

It is never too late to donate! It’s as easy as clicking here. 

  • 38 lawn signs are out, 21 in the newly annexed areas of East Garrison, Seahaven and the Dunes.
  • 300 campaign business cards have been put into the hands of voters and friends.
  • 14,000 mailers are prepared to enter the snail mail system to go to entire community.
  • Democratic endorsement door hangers are next. If you like to walk, this is a great effort to support. It helps me tremendously and includes several of our best candidates running right now.
  • Volunteer texting opportunities. 

And if you have a burning question for all 4 candidates, Marina in Motion has the forum for you!

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The campaign is in full swing! If you would like to host a lawn sign showing support — send an email!

Dear Friend,

I am running for re-election for the Board of Marina Coast Water District in November 2022. With your support, this will be my fourth term.

During my last ten years MCWD has:

  • Grown from 8,000 to 9,700 meters while reducing groundwater pumping from 4,000 to 3,000 acre feet per year.
  • Annexed the former service area to be included into the MCWD jurisdiction for voting rights and groundwater sustainability inclusion.
  • Committed to 3C Energy Prime for 50% each solar and wind energy (100% renewable and carbon free) sourcing.
  • Received $15 million in grants. $180,000 in state Covid relief for customers in arrears.
  • Gained National recognition for Engineering Excellence with M1W for project called Pure Water Monterey that includes MPWMD.
  • Created MCWD Groundwater Sustainability Agency.
  • Initiated Aerial ElectroMagnetic Surveys now used statewide in the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act monitoring programs.

I defend groundwater quality. I am volunteering with Protect Monterey County, promoting the ban of fracking and trying to stop injection of untreated wastewater into the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin (SVGB).

I work on groundwater management. In 2016 I participated with the Environmental Caucus of the Collaborative Working Group of the SVGB for the new Groundwater Sustainability Act. In 2017, I supported Marina Coast to establish Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) for central Marina and Ord Community.

I strive to create science-based policies such as applying Stanford’s Aerial Electromagnetic (AEM) Survey. Scientists can provide AEM imagery to help us determine and maintain specific underground drinking water resources.

We could not have made these milestones without your support!

I do not accept donations from large corporations.

Please support my re-election for continued work on your clean, healthful water. www.shriner4water.com

Jan Shriner

President of the MCWD Board

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Can you help?

I need your help to continue to improve efficiency, diversify water portfolio, and maximize our strength and reflection of our community.

contact: directorshriner@gmail.com

  • Volunteer (phoning, supply food for volunteers, walk neighborhoods, etc.)
  • Endorse publicly
  • Arrange for visits and forums